Welcome to The Aussie Custom Golf Centre…

The Aussie Custom Golf Centre in Newcastle NSW consists of a generous 8m x 4m indoor practice and fitting facility as well as a fully equipped workshop for golf club alteration, fitting and repairs. Club-building, fitting operations are carried out by Gary Tozer who is a senior tour professional, 2007 Australian Senior Long Drive champion and member of the International Professional Association of Clubfitters.
ACG uses the latest Trackman Launch Monitor technology and high speed video camera to ensure the best possible outcome for your golf swing as well as the TOMI putting analysis system.

The golf swing has so many variables that affect a golfer’s game, such as height, body type, strength, amount of shaft bend in downswing, skill level, length of arms, angle of attack and stance. Professional clubfitters take all these variables into consideration to provide the right combination of clubhead and shaft to maximize each player’s potential.

There is a mistaken impression that custom fitting is just for better players. The truth is, mid- to high-handicappers benefit the most from custom-fit golf clubs because custom-fit equipment greatly diminishes inconsistent swing tendencies. With properly fitted golf clubs, golfers no longer can blame their equipment for misguided golf shots.

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