Custom Built Clubs

Here at the Aussie Custom Golf Centre we specialise in high quality custom built golf clubs. Golf is a game of perfection and without equipment best suited to your needs there is little chance of you reaching your potentential. There are a number of factors which need to be assessed when getting properly fitted for a set of golf clubs…..height, posture, arm length, hand size, strength, swing speed, swing direction and angle of attack into the ball are only some of the things which need to be observed and measured to enable your golf clubs to be built for correct length, shaft weight and flex, grip type and size, suitable head type etc. and this will give you the best opportunity to play your best golf and enjoy it even more. Without going through this extensive process you are only guessing what works best and therefore create erroneous reactions and adjustments in your swing that can stay with you for your golfing life.

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